PODIUM PAPERS, Symposia, and Instructional Course Lecture Presenters:

All presentations will be made by computer projection in MS Windows Power Point format. The audiovisual projection system in each room will include a Personal Computer (PC). Due to the changes in computer configuration, we are unable to accommodate speaker’s laptops and Internet connection is not available. No Macintosh computers will be available.

Presentation aspect ratio: all presentations must be in 16:9 for optimum resolution

Don’t forget to load your talk in the Speaker Ready Room!

Speakers MUST load their talk in the Speaker Ready Room that is available to them at the times listed below. Please do not load your talks directly at the Podium unless directed to do so. Please go to the Speaker ready room at least two hours before your presentation, and make sure to test it to avoid any delays.

Location: New Brunswick Room, Westin Hotel Ottawa, 4th Floor

Opening Hours:

Thursday, June 15: 7:00-17:00

Friday, June 16: 7:00-17:00

Saturday, June 17: 7:00-17:00

Sunday, June 18: 7:30-12:00

How long is my talk?

Paper sessions: A strict time criteria of 6 minutes per podium presentation will be in effect for podium presenters with 3 minutes for discussion.

Symposia and ICL’s: Presentation time limits are at the discretion of the session moderator, who will contact you separately.

Please note that your first slide for any presentation must include your mandatory statement of financial disclosure It is available for download here. (link to disclosure slide)

**Bring a copy of your presentation with you to OTTAWA AND PLEASE VISIT THE SPEAKER READY ROOM.**